a glance, a stance, a gesture

IZABO is the Antwerp-based jewelry brand by designer Isabeau Olislagers. Born out of an inspiring summer at Central Saint Martins, her journey began with a revelation – true happiness lies in empowering the elements that spark creativity, embracing the wild dance of hormones, letting them guide us to create pieces infused with a daring touch of ferocity.

IZABO plays with the power of the unsaid – a glance, a stance, a gesture. It’s gems are a celebration of the non-verbal, embracing organic, funky, bold, and flowy designs that intertwine with passion, unlocking a liberating experience for those wearing them.
We believe in the potency, power, and capability of imperfection – each piece has flaws we embrace, a resilient stance against the conformity of perfection that seeks to dictate our journey.

Liberation is more than a concept to us, it’s a philosophy that is rooted into the very essence of every creation. Navigate the world freely, confidently, and in your own unique way. Our handcrafted gems are a tool of resistance, carrying a story of individual empowerment and the rebellion against fixed identities – live your life freely wearing IZABO.

Join us on our journey celebrating the dance of imperfection, the power of non-verbal expression, and the liberation that flows from embracing your own unique identity.